This war is noise.

Freedom of thought.
January 7, 2009, 10:03 pm
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So with this new found freedom of thought and expression, where do I really begin?

I guess with how Im feeling right now.

Do I even really know how Im feeling?

I guess I dont.

All I know is I feel messed up.

I left myself so unguarded. As one must do at times.

And therefore must accept the consequences for what they are.

When its your heart, when its love, you’ll do pretty much anything.

You’ll suffer whatever pain, be as stubborn as possible, and fight with every ounce of strength you can.

Cos if its love, its worth it, right?

If this person has penetrated your very core with their very being, if your thoughts and feelings become geared around them. And towards them.

If the light is truly brighter, the night truly darker, and the highs outmark the lows, then truly, isnt it worth it?

We live such short lives, with small impacts, or large depending on how we live.

I wish to live with heart. I wish to never stop feeling.

Cos alot of people just go numb. Thinking its how its meant to be. Adults, full of responsibility and void of emotion.

Im determined not to let it happen.

And I’ve got as far as now, 20 years and almost 4 days old.

I think I might just pull it off, hm?


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