This war is noise.

This really baffles me.
January 10, 2009, 12:06 pm
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The human race really, really confuses me sometimes.

It seems they’re determined to be stupid, and do things that are bad for them no matter what.

Like if a professional has told you you’re allergic, or this could kill you, or you need to stop or it could lead to complications, and you dont, what sort of moron are you?

Im surrounded by people that do this. And my parents are the worst for doing this.

My dad was an alcoholic until it almost killed him. He is also a diabetic and eats all the crap of the day. Aswell as being allergic to gluten [found in wheat etc], and still eats regular bread, biscuits etc. [and the sweet gluten free stuff, which affects his diabetes?!]

I also have a friend that has gone rather off course. He was told he has some sort of imbalance, which he uses substances like alcohol etc to fix, and so he cut out drinking, went to counselling, took the appropriate medication, focused on work and uni and was doing rather well. I actually went for a while without much communication with him, and recently I’ve realised hes started drinking again, has been doing acid aswell.

I’ve tried talking to him about it. But I think I always end up coming across the wrong way. Cos Im worried about him, and I end up sounding more angry than concerned. I wish I could do something but it doesnt appear so. So I’ve stopped trying to and I just talk to him as I would normally.

I wish I could understand why people do this to themselves.

Like when I was told not to do things or they’d kill me, I stopped, even if I liked what they were.

Because theres always something else to fill the gap.

Forever I’ll be confused, it seems.


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