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Waking up in a good mood.
January 10, 2009, 9:25 am
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I really like the fact that this site doesnt have a fudged up time system, I was always correcting that on myspaz, so glitchy.

I had a bit of a tidy yesterday, with more impending Im sure. I played a ton of Breath Of Fire IV last night so..didnt watch any more of the Boosh yet, BUT I WILL.

I also bought Romeo & Juilet [yeah finally] on dvd yesterday and my mum was like o.O really? Lol they dont associate me with anything emotional. Which is, for anyone that knows me, quite ridiculous.

All the same though, I’d rather let them think what they like I guess. Its been easier for me, to keep myself to myself when it comes to dealing with them. As if I was emotionally involved with my parents, in that i relied on them for any sort of emotional or moral support, I would be crippled.

With my dad a complete and utter disaster, and my mum wanting to look after the complete and utter disaster, there is no time for me and my brother to express anything. And if we do, we’re only talked down anyways.

Well isnt this getting rather down.

Moving back to the more positive end of things x] yes the DVD. I intend to watch that in the next couple of days. We studied it in school, in comparison with an older version [I got Baz Luhrmann’s version obv] and I think I ended up with a better appreciation of it because of that. Like with Hamlet and Macbeth.

I also was groping the keyrings, esp the lion lol and my nanny bought me one x]

I have this habit where I have to grope all the teddies…and towels…and cushions…and anything soft? Lol.

Anyways, long way to get to : I woke up in a good mood this morning :] win! lol.


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i also have romeo and juliet on dvd and it was a brilliant purchase for $9! i’m so surprised your parents don’t really recognise you as an emotional person, because you very much are – it’s not a bad thing either :] also; you groping soft things? wtf rochelle. best not go to the woods ;] lololol. love you best friend.

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