This war is noise.

I tried peanut butter on friday.
January 11, 2009, 7:22 pm
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And I actually liked it!

I decided to do some tidying today 😀 I feel better for it too.

I showered early.

Had a visit from Patricia and Bob yesterday ^.^ when I came down the stairs she called me twiggy LOL I was like whaaaat. K I’ve lost weight but twiggy? Jeeze no, I wish lol.

Well maybe not quite as thin as her, it’d look awful on someone my height lol.


I discovered I have a ton of too much stuff lol and Im giving some away. Im also going to make a point of using more of it, rather than just letting it sit, collecting dust.

Im completely stuffed, had a really nice dinner :]

Also played with bonnie and my arm looks like its been mauled, SO MUCH FOR GETTING HER NAILS CLIPPED lol. Shes too cute to be mad at though x]

My game still hasnt come. :[ we ordered it on the 18th of December, so it would be here for my birthday [thinking that would be plenty of time] and its still a week after and no word of it. My brother paid quite a bit for it too so Im like :/ wtf. So Im gonna get mum to ring/check the main post office to see if its sitting in there or something. Otherwise, I’ll be sending yet another email to the guy wondering what the deal is, cos he says he sent it the day after we placed the order, and its been now over 3 weeks.

I want Crisis Core nowww. Lol. |:<

Hope all is well ^.^

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