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Such a bad day.
January 12, 2009, 11:14 pm
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Woke up to having to do the avon, which was fair enough despite my mood and the fact I had a cold.

When I went downstairs, looking like utter shite in my pjs of course lol some girl is in as dads carer and I have to light his cigarette with a guitar shaped lighter and change the channel for him, cos hes went rather retarded of late, getting more ill I imagine.

Then I get word from an old friend that an older friend is in fact fake. After two years, it comes down to this.

I dunno what to make of anyone right now.

I had to email that guy about the game today, as it has never arrived in either post office, and its been 3 weeks, so he either gets it to me somehow, or refunds it. Hes lucky Im more charming in my emails.

I have a headache thats killing me, Im all aches and pains, my shoulders/neck/back especially, and I feel incredibly awful about myself. I need to go see the doctor before I actually just end this existence.

Because although I dont value myself much, most of the time, other people do.

And I feel some sense of obligation to at least try.

Despite always trying…

Over the course of the day, the headache and pains have just got worse. I think I need a good long sleep.

Shame I’d rather just keep sleeping than wake back up again right now. |:


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