This war is noise.

So heres your reply.
January 13, 2009, 3:16 pm
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im gutless and weak. user and abuser. fake and liar. but most details about me are correct.

18 f aus.
anna is my name
blonde, blue eyes blablablah
study etcetc

BUT obviously, photos not me, friends werent real (dunno why i would even bothered really) but that’s it i guess.

i dont know why i did it and continued to lie to you all actually esp cause i was an advocate on fakers kinda weird..and i cant explain it really.

i deleted facebook. its been deactivated.
Im trying to delete this account to but email notification wont come so i blocked as many ppl as i could and all details of the myspace until email turns up to finish cancelling the account.

i was bored i guess and i think originally it was because i thought i had to protect my identity on jac. it just escalated from there. so in the mean time another girl’s face got planted on the net instead unwillingly. How stupid, immature of me.

as i am soon as you get this i am reblocking you as ive done to everyone else.

for the record rochelle, ive never shared information about you to anyone..any of your stories etcetc. I still think you’re a unique girl and I still reckon you’re amazing. I just wish I’d have grown up the moment I signed in. Im surprised you didnt get me sooner and im sorry for the lies and hurting you.

Anna <— just confirming IT IS my real name.

And none of it makes me feel any better.


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