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Update of sorts.
January 15, 2009, 8:52 pm
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So today I’ve spent the day tidying mainly. I had a long sleep, then had a shower when I got up and by that time it was near 1pm lol. So I finished Kingdom Hearts 2 finally aswell 😀 [good ending] and decided I’d do some more clearing out.

I still feel like I want to do more though. Once I get the notion for it, I want to keep going lol.

But I’ve thrown a few more bags of stuff out and packed up some things I dont want anymore and set them aside.

After that, I decided to finish going through all my new story books, finishing on the one I mentioned before, The Happy Prince :]

I really wish I had got all those books/tapes as a child. I love them just as much now. Im gonna continue keeping an eye out for the rest. And I’ve also thought of writing to the publisher to see if theres any chance of getting a hold of them. Though its been at least 18 years since they were first put out. But, I can only try right?

Im looking forward to my next driving lesson on tuesday ^.^ and *shopping tomorrow.

*was looking forward to it. Apparently we arent going now D: because my brother has to go to hospital to get some tablets. Nerr.


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