This war is noise.

January 19, 2009, 2:32 am
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Three guys have hung themselves in 2 days.

One from the village I live in. That worked with a guy I’ve known.

All these memories and thoughts have swarmed inside my head.

I dont deserve to be here. It should’ve been me in their place.

I feel so sorry for existing, feel so sorry that people do try with me. That they burden themselves with me.

When I dont feel worth it.

Im so lost inside my head. Cos its me that tells myself Im not worth it. That im worthless, and unnecessary.

Im gonna end up destroying myself.

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you aren’t a burden to anyone get that into your brain right now for frith’s sake anyone with brains is smart enough to know being you’re friend is an honour and one I know I’m not sure I deserve but none the less I’m happy and grateful to have a wonderful friend like you. Now, sort your thoughts out so that this one little thing sticks and you stop feeling you should be in the place of the poor souls who took their own recently. Besides if you die who’s Bec going to marry ;o me? o; can’t have that happening 😛 you two have to get married here haha. Anyways just wanted to tell you this..because..your an awesome amazing fantastic person and I’m honoured to say you’re my friend =) ❤

Comment by tehangie

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