This war is noise.

January 21, 2009, 3:12 am
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Despite my weird moods, and generally feeling down, I did have a rather good day today.

My driving lesson went really well. I went round our roundabout twice, then drove to town, then went round an estate in town. Practised indicating, different turns, I reversed o.o and made a 3 point turn, and drove back home. All in my second lesson lol. He never got in the drivers side once. When I got home and realised my brother had just went over stuff in the lay by that they’d done in the first lesson, I was rather bewildered lol. I think my brother was rather, I guess, disappointed that he hadnt done the same as me.

Im glad I got to do it though :] I enjoy driving.

I also got the last package I was expecting, sorted out the Avon, sorted out my money, put the new Avon order away, got further in Crisis Core, watched my brother beat Valkyria Chronicles [which is good btw], read some more of the mighty book of boosh and have clean sheets. x]

And still, I feel like Im still shadowed. Still have this cloud over me.

My heads so full, and Im only up this late cos of  the thinking, constantly.

I hope all is well with everyone.


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