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What a few couple of days :]
February 7, 2009, 12:58 am
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So, an update of sorts.

My back is doing ever better by the day, and having alot of exercise today has really helped it :]

And although I was largely spaced out due to the diazepam, it went fine x]

My granda backed into a car slowly by accident, and swiftly made an exit LOL it was the funniest thing I’ve seen him do in a long time lmao. Nanny kept saying to me I need to get my license soon LOL.

My dads condition has progressed and it seems hes going to remain confused for good now, only to get worse I suppose. This will make things alot easier for mum to get rid of him, as she herself is making herself ill trying to look after him. And none of the family is going to tolerate it. Which Im glad of.

Even the doctors are telling her, she needs to quit the nonsense and start looking after herself, or she could end up on oxygen tanks. And to remember that she has two kids aswell. I thought well theres an idea, we’re actually being considered for a change lol.

I’ve also got to catch up properly with Nathan ^.^ 11 hrs one day, and 8 the next LOL. Time does just fly when we talk though, we just fit. And its nice. :]

I really do hope we work out.

I really cant wait to get driving again, missing two weeks has really sucked! Lol.

I’ve also decided Im going to get a scrap book and put alot of stuff together :]

And Im going to start a diary of when I take my medication, and when I eat. So I can see exactly how Im living at present.

Have the avon to send away at the beginning of next week, and have my appointment in the city a week from now, which will hopefully knock out another ailment ^.^

Im feeling very positive atm :]


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