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One of the funniest moments in a long time.
February 10, 2009, 10:42 pm
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So my mum and dad were away today for awhile, as dad had to go for a brain scan, so I had the tv. Turned on Kerrang, Blink 182 Marathon from the start ;D total win!

Cheered me up as my brother had failed to have me marked in for my driving lesson, so I didnt get to go – again.

When mum and dad got back, I was determined to finish watching it, so I did. I sat with my laptop talking to Belly, and watching/listening to it. Mum said she’d run down the street, do whatever shopping she had to do as me and aaron were both going to be in the living room, so she knew dad wouldnt burn the house down.

And then it began.

Dad picked up his mobile phone, and started staring at it.

Just staring.

Then asked my brother for a pen.

And my brother asked …what do you want a pen for?

“To write down the stuff for the phone”

Lol so my brother was like ..ok, and handed him a pen.

Dad took off the lid, then started staring at both it, and the phone.


Fell asleep.

Woke up.


Fell asleep.

Woke up.

Then said “I cant get this phone to work”.

He then lifted his head, with the most braindead expression on his face, and his glasses all skewed to one direction half off his head, and that was it. I went into convulsions.

I was in tears and I thought my sides were going to cave in, but I was still trying to hold it in.

So I was tellin Belly what was happening, and he was like take photos and im like LOL NO.

And then! He asks my brother for some paper.

And my brother says …what do you want paper for?

“To move the phone”.

Well that was it. I couldnt hold it in anymore, laughing really loud, sides and eyes killing me, laughing so hard.

And then he looked at me, and asked me what I was laughing at lol.


Ah fuck. Luckily mum returned shortly after that, and we could quickly make an exit from the living room before I died lol.

But yeah, so, so, funny.


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