This war is noise.

Little update?
February 12, 2009, 7:09 am
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Yeah, I’ve been kinda quiet. Especially yesterday.

I’ve just been reading and sleeping really lol.

And watched a whole series of something I really shouldnt have bothered with.

Had some good news today though :]

Which I’ll mention more of after March 3rd.

And what I have been reading up on, is my theory driving test :] and tbh, If I was actually doing the test and answering these questions, I’d be acing it lol. You do a section at a time and I get like one or two wrong max. It really is just common sense, until you get to all the measurements and stuff, which I obv dont mind getting wrong first time through cos Im not exactly meant to know quite yet as I’ve had 2 lessons and no such discussions x]

But yeah, so I think I’ll go through the book twice, or possibly 3 times, then do the test.

Cos I really dont see it being a problem :] which Im glad about.

Then I just have all the practical stuff to do ;x lol.

But Im looking forward to all that :]

I miss him.

Nerr, so not having a girly moment, but yeah.

Lol x]

Hope all is well.


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