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My expectations of Valentines day.
February 14, 2009, 5:44 am
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This will be my second year running, in that I dont have anyone while Valentines passes. It doesnt particularly bother me on one hand, and in the other I guess kinda does.

Because I do have someone in my life, that loves me, but we’re not together. At least for now.

[I hope.]

Anyways. So I think the day shall go as follows :

I shall attend my clinic appointment and either be rid of the problem for good or shall have a consultation about getting rid of the problem for good.

I’ll come back home.

I shall receive nothing in sentiment of the day.

I’ll read for a bit.

Probably not hear from him, for two reasons. Both of which Im not discussing lol.

I’ll hear about other peoples good/bad days.

Then I’ll probably do some tidying.


And remain unchanged lol.

I would like for some of that to be wrong but, I dont see that happening.

Anyway, I hope those of you with someone have a nice day, and those of you that arent, dont dwell on it. Really. February 14th happens every year. It’ll happen :]


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