This war is noise.

February 17, 2009, 8:39 am
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Found myself listening to Pieces – Sum41 rather alot yesterday.

I had quite the meltdown.

Almost telling someone what has been bothering me for 4 years is also rather scary.

But somehow not.

I’ve asked mum to make another appointment for me when she goes to the docs about prescriptions/talking to a doctor about dad.

Who, just on that note, is getting worse.


Hes not “come back” in the sense. Hes confused alot of the time. He apparently spent an hour looking for his feet this morning lol. He sometimes doesnt know where he is. And, and I witnessed this one myself, he even forgot who Bonnie was/belonged to. [And it was my dad that got Bonnie]. He woke up and asked mum where’d the dog come from and mum was like “sure its our dog, its bonnie” and he just looked at her, bewildered lol. Of course those are only episodes, for now, and he usually remembers people and such. And just cant work anything.

But yeah, hes getting closer to being in a home. Which suits me.

I have my driving lesson today, which will be a good focus for attention after yesterday.

You know when you have that used/weakness in your chest after you’ve really cried, and I mean really cried hard? Like you would say in your legs, if you’d overdone running or cycling or whatever. I’ve had that since I woke up. My eyes no longer hurt or anything now thankfully. And, after my backs protest at the bath, it has settled also. But theres no way I could do my legs standing up, I’d be crippled. So I’ll just have to be quick about it.

Got the avon done. And apparently have more customers. :]

All the more for me.

I also have two necklaces coming ^.^ which Im pleased about obviously.

They are Alice In Wonderland themed 😛

I also plan to read and tidy some more.

Keep the focus busy and such, or I might get down about things quickly again.

Hope all is well.


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