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My face hurts!
February 22, 2009, 12:14 am
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For some reason it feels like ages since I’ve posted on this and its only been 2 or 3 days.

In any case, yes! MY FACE!

Ah, it rhymed :]

Lol anyways, I got this cream from the docs cos I had been bothered with my skin since I’d hit puberty, and have discovered it is in fact a mild form of acne, very very mild, like you wouldnt even think it was, you’d just think I had open pores, like compared to the acne people can get, ITS NOTHING.

But enough to bother me, obviously. So I was to start with just once a day, then move it up to twice, well, since moving it up to twice, its dried my skin out so bad, like its meant to I guess, but really, it hurts! Lol.

Especially in creases like, between your lip and chin and the sides of your nostril etc.

I know it’ll ease up eventually but still >.<! Lol.

I’ve been clearing out like a mad woman of late, and today took down all my posters and stuff as Im having my room decorated monday or tuesday ;D!

Also had my driving lesson on Friday, which went fine lol was focused alot on the steering, so much so I got annoyed with it but, not losing my cool over it lol.

Finished reading Watership Down ;D how I love that book.

Its made me appreciate the film alot more.

If anyone is new to both, DEFINITELY WATCH THE FILM FIRST.

Otherwise, you’ll see it as scaling down the book, rather than expanding on the film, and it might ruin it a bit for you.

Im way tired, past midnight here like lol.

Been a bit sore with all the activity today so I’ve taken some tablets, Im sure they’ll soon knock me right out lol.

Hope all is well :]


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