This war is noise.

I walked you home most days.
February 24, 2009, 11:40 am
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Driving lesson in 15 mins ;D

Looking forward to it.

That line reminds me of someone so strongly lol ah.

Things are really good with Nathan atm. :]

You know when you keep something about yourself, to yourself, for a little while, because you dont think it’ll be accepted, but then you tell them, and it is, in fact its liked, alot, its such a great feeling :]

Catching up with other peoples has been good too :]

I think my rooms being decorated tomorrow, as my brothers is at present.

But yay! At the prospect :]

Dads condition is worsening apparently, hes steadily going braindead.

Mums going to be given alot more help.

Which of course is a good thing. I just wish they’d hurry up, or take him away.

Either way, he’ll be distanced alot more from me.

Which is all for the better ;D

He said something particularly creepy to me this morning.

Which Im not posting here, cos y’know, I want to actually come back to this page.

But yeah, ewh.

I dont think he remember who I was at the time.

But in any case, still fucking gross.

Ah, we shall endure, for his death is imminent ^.^


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