This war is noise.

Ah crazy days.
February 25, 2009, 1:10 am
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Well, my driving lesson went pretty well :] focused mainly on steering and following the curb, which im doing alot better with apparently.

Came back home, then set out for town so I could visit the dole office about my benefits, as I had sent my sick note in weeks ago and had no word. So I went straight in – no line for a change – and apparently nothing was ever received. Which is entirely ridiculous, but oh well. I have to get a duplicate, and it’ll have to be for two months instead of one.

Then went through town, getting all the mothers day stuff dealt with, aswell as picking up whatever shopping needed.

Got home, my brother played a bit of Disgaea, then got annoyed with it x]

Then had to sort money/avon stuff out.

Then had to take pictures of certain parts of my laptop to see if my cousins bf can fix it for me.

Then had to box up stuff in my room, for when the decorating starts tomorrow :]

Bit hectic lol.

Still not quite over the comment this morning -.- ah it was just wrong.

Lol my aunt on my mothers side, was talking to my aunt on my dads side. As they both go to the same weightloss program – it actually works too, tons of people are on it around here – and my aunt on my mums side had heard news of my dads current condition, mentioned it to my other aunt.

My other aunt acted pretty much as I would expect. But my aunt on mums side was pretty much ready to punch her for how she responded lol.

See the people on my dads side only give a fuck if theres a wedding or a funeral.

Otherwise, you pretty much dont hear from them.

They’re all pretty fucked, dad included.

My aunt was saying how it was terrible that he’d deteriorated as much as he had, and my other aunt – his actual sister mind- replied “well we knew it was going to happen anyways” lol. Oh aye, my mums sister is more worried about your brother than you are, that makes sense.

Then she said “well, at least shes [my mum] going to get more help looking after him”. And my other aunt had the cheek to say “i thought she was getting plenty of help already”. Yeah, fuck off.

I have no time for them. At all. They’d sit back and let my mum kill herself over trying to look after that wanker. As long as it doesnt affect their lives, they dont give a fuck.

They’ve never offered any – physical or financial- help to my mum.

They just ring when they hear somethings happened. They just like having something to talk about.

Its sick in a way really. How little they give a fuck.

But such are human beings that grew up in that house.

How my mother ever got mixed up in that shit, I’ll never ever know.

At least my mum still has her family, who do actually try and help.

My grandparents do every little thing they can, no matter what.

And they’re in their 80s now.

My last name may aswell be my mothers maiden name, is how I see it.

Cos they’re the only example of a family that deserve recognition.

Im just really glad I’ve had that.


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