This war is noise.

Blogging from a foreign place? Lol.
February 27, 2009, 12:14 am
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Ok, not quite.

I’ve had to stay in my mums room this evening as my room isnt quite finished yet. Needs to be glossed and cleaned etc.

But that shall be done by the time I leave for shopping tomorrow I think ^.^ as hes still arriving at INSANELY early times lol.

I had to hide out today in my brothers room, so as to avoid downstairs, and I liked the quiet, not so much the cold.

9 hrs on and off talking to him x]

He was the only person I really talked to today, cos I just needed the time.

Wendy Richard, the actress that played Pauline Fowler in Eastenders, died today, aged 65, of breast cancer.

Its odd, cos I had blogged earlier on myspaz, that it was the 15 year anniv of Bill Hicks death. Who also died of cancer. Different sort of course lol his was pancreatic that spread to his liver I think.

In any case, I had a pretty amazing day. :]

High on love lol how girly.

Oh well.

Im going to need to sleep so I’ll get up early.


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