This war is noise.

Frith in the hills.
March 2, 2009, 1:46 pm
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The internet is playing up something SHOCKING today.

Im about ready to hit something lol.

Might be visiting my great aunt tomorrow, then I can finally get this bloody thing cashed.

See her new dog and stuff, which is going to be weird for me.

Im so used to Prince. And he loved me. I grew up with that dog, HE LIKED ME BEST lol apart from my aunt of course.

Then I have my driving lesson on Wednesday, and between that, watching Anime ^.^

My soundcard works alright, but its very bassy, you know like shit quality headphones? Lol.

But ah well, I really only need it for watching stuff, I use my speakers for listening to music when I get my mp3 player out, much better.

Theres been a guy downstairs today, and I dont know why, talking about walls and gardens.

I shall investigate in time.

Posters to be put up soon ;D yayy.

Now I think I shall go see about lunch, shall probably post again later :]

Providing the internet remains alright >.>

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