This war is noise.

March 4, 2009, 11:29 pm
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The tone of this will be a little different to my others of late.

I feel a knock, in mood.

And Im not entirely sure why.

I’ve had a good couple of days. Gungrave was amazing, awfully sad though.

Its strange, I seem to still form attachments to people in books and films, series and stories, much like a child does.

And then feel the pain, or happiness, as they experience it.

With also an adults level of comprehension, I suppose its an emotionally powerful thing lol.

I have been watching Escaflowne today, which has too been full of alot of sad things, but not on the same level. Theres still an optimism about it. Well, it is only PG lol Gungrave was 15.

Mum finally had the blinds put up today, so as soon as the man left, I went upstairs, parted mine, and moved the curtains over each side, so you wouldnt even really know they’re there. I hate them lol.

Dad remaining here so long is beginning to frustrate me. I want him to die already.

I want a life free of him.

Really free.

I miss Nathan. He left suddenly yesterday, then hasnt been on today, so I hope all is alright.

Maybe its a combination of these things, plus the song I listened to just before posting this.

Struck something in me. Not sure as yet what.

But it did.

Tomorrow we’ll be finishing watching Escaflowne, which I look forward to. Friday, I have shopping, then Saturday, looks like Im helping out at the church sale as a favour to my great aunt.

Just me, and a hall full of aging christians. Lol I know.

It snowed today. A little, but it was pretty. Especially after such a warm morning.

I had my driving lesson. It went well. Though I had to listen to my instructor boast continuously and take call after call during it. He had won a case in court, first of its kind in the country I live in. He had recorded a radio interview this morning while my brother had his lesson, been in all the local papers this morning, and all this was coming out really today.

I had a phonecall from my friend Sara. She needed my help to top up her electricity, as her laptop had been stolen from her car, after it was broken into last week.

Terrible thing to happen. With all her work and such on it, and not insured. Though at least her car and such has been repaired.

Shes also said she wants to visit me next wednesday, which will be nice.

I have just realised I actually had quite a bit to write about in this lol.

The avon is sent. The social are retarded. Pretty much it for now I think x]

Hopefully I shall have brightened tomorrow. :]

It is really cold though >:|


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