This war is noise.

March 30, 2009, 12:49 am
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Sorry I’ve been a bit absent in posting last couple of days.

Heads been elsewhere really, so updates indeed!

No real plans for this week only driving lesson on tuesday.

Watched Billy Connolly again tonight, funny as xD

Had so many awkward conversations this weekend.

My brother had an atrocious time at work the last couple of days, and hes going to quit. Hes going to the tech about it first obviously so they can sort him something before he does to keep up with his course requirements, but yeah.

The man went totally beyond the line. He basically said to my brother, as he was looking to change his sunday work to another day as it was draining money, that he could just cut his day, cos they didnt really care if he got his training or not. o_o Like really, why offer the tech the opportunity of sending people, if you clearly dont want to train them really. And of course my brother, and the other chef he was talking to, just glared in disbelief at the guy that owns the place after he said that. My brother was made to feel like he didnt matter at all and that he was stupid for not knowing whatever it was they were trying to get him to do at the time, which they’re supposed to be training him to do anyways -.- I mean really. So yeah, not impressed at all. Should go to the papers really, have the place’s reputation shot to hell cos hes that much of a self important selfish bastard. >:Z

But anyways. Also it was Charlottes 18th birthday on wednesday and her party on friday. There was quite a hiccup during the party that led to a small minded girl making a huge overreaction. All is sorted now but still, sometimes “friends” can be such wankers.

Hope all is well with everyone and shall be back to ze regularness. :]


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