This war is noise.

In a mood.
April 1, 2009, 7:46 pm
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Do you ever get those moods where you’re so fed up/annoyingly bored, that anything you try to do only ends up making you feel more that way instead of less cos there is something underlying thats bothering you which wont shift until its resolved and so you just stay irritated? Yeah I have that lol.

Moving on though, so as not to dwell x]

My yesterday was busy enough, had my driving lesson which went well but left me wanting to kill my instructor LOL.

And if I experience another lesson like it, I could possibly do just that lol.

Things have been pretty quiet again recently, havnt heard from Nathan in a week. Aswell as a few other friends being busy and stuff.

Thank frith for the people that are still keeping in regular contact with me lol.

I have the avon and all up to date pretty much, and have ordered another version of Legend Of Dragoon. :]

Aswell as playing a bit of Psychic Force 2 today ;D!

My scars are shrinking more, which is good :] Im gonna be a little more active and stuff again, go out, do some picture taking etc :]

Also need mum to hurry up and get that appointment for the docs, and I need to make an appt to get my hair done too.

Lol all this stuff. x]

Also gonna talk to some people about this trip Im hopefully taking the summer, if I keep being able to save money and stuff. ;D

Which I should be able to ^.^

Well thats it for now I think, hope all is well. :]


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