This war is noise.

Oh bad days.
April 5, 2009, 12:45 am
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So it started so

Heard from him finallyyyy. Mum and dad were going to be out of the house, sun was shining.

Then it began.

Tried playing through Legend of Dragoon on my second saving on my second version of the game, and it stopped in the same place.

I was super annoyed.

Then I ended up arguing with two people. Didnt help matters. Tried LOD again, just incase. Nope lol.

Went downstairs when my parents left, went to pet Bonnie and FLEAS. Then my brother came home, bathed Bonnie, I rang mum and we had no fleas stuff in the house. Fail.

My brother then went to look for the PS1, he’d given it away. So I made him buy another. :] lolll.

Then I kinda argued with someone again.

Ah I just had such a rough dayyy.

And then I showered late, had to clean the bath beforehand cos mum didnt do it properly. -.-

Ah jeeze, sleep shall be good lol.

Least I have my message xD


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