This war is noise.

No fear?
April 11, 2009, 12:23 am
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Im sorry I havnt been so frequent in posting.

I do plan on getting back on track with it.

Anyways, I had a rather unusually bad day.

Fridays tend to be good, as I get to go shopping, which I did, and see my grandparents, which I did, and have something nice for lunch and all that, which I did.

My last conversation with Nathan ended all of a sudden with no explanation and I dont know why. I also havnt heard from him since and its plaguing my mind.

Im moving on quite well in Legend Of Dragoon, though I got into a battle today which made me so pissed lol.

I havnt really heard from anyone today, apart from Charlotte, who I ended up telling something I thought I’d never tell anyone else than those who already know.

Which scared the hell out of me. I sat crying during the conversation and was shaking for about half an hour afterwards, decided a shower would be best to calm me down, and it did.

I’ve felt sick since I woke up, actually when I woke up I thought I was going to throw up. And have had stomach bother all day.

Also headaches, plus with getting upset, that never helps.

I got restless and went on a tidyng tangent. OCD ahoy lol.

I just feel really low atm.

Maybe see the doc again soon, ask about counselling again, since I dont think shes found anything as yet, as she never mentioned when I went in for my check ups before.

I really hope I feel better tomorrow.


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