This war is noise.

April 16, 2009, 12:31 am
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Im full of thoughts and have had two odd dreams lately.

Been a week since I’ve heard from Nathan now, dunno whats going on.

Guess Im gonna have to have a long serious conversation when we do eventually talk again.

Which I really hope is soon.

Anyways, moving on to other stuff.

Avon is sorted, dads getting worse, my brother had such a gross day lol.

Watched some of Lee Evans “Big” 02 tour before crashing asleep, so funny x]

Randomly had late night munchies this evening which I havnt had in a long time. Had cereal, pancakes and tea.

I’ve felt rather ill lately though, woke up with chest pains and stomach pains this morning.

I’ve had pains in one of my hands too for alot of today.

I dont know what my body is doing anymore lol.

No driving lesson til next week, which fails but not much I can do about it lol.

Thinking of taking new pictures of myself since I havnt taken any since Jan and I’ve lost weight since. ^.^

Me and Charlotte are closer lately, which has been nice :]

And it fails that Belly is going so soon too, cos I will miss him, probably more so than I even think.

We’ll be going back to basics though, letters, oh the novelty 😛

Moodwise I’ve been pretty up and down too, having good moods, then hitting rock bottom, then being alright again and repeating it.

I’ve also been pretty frustrated and restless at times. Getting bored and stuff, which I dont normally really do.

Ah well, hopefully there’ll be some positive change soon. :]

I hope all is well with everyone.


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