This war is noise.

Lol or not so much with the regularity.
April 29, 2009, 12:38 pm
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But an update with things nonetheless!

So Monday was alright, not much really stuck in my head from then, apart from that night I only got two hours sleep, which led to funny times on tuesday lol.

I had my driving lesson, which ended up rather funny, at least to me lol. I was barely listening to him half time, and of course he was wanting to go a different route from usual lol. He told me to turn right and I turned left into a caravan park lol so we drove around that lmao ah jeeze, I near ran a red light too x]

I was so tired lol and then I had the docs later on so I couldnt even sleep afterwards. I eventually crashed out around 8pm. And slept until past 9 this morning 😛 so I had a decent sleep x]

Nanny’s 80th birthday is tomorrow, then my brothers 18th is the day after that, and I have both sorted, so thats good x]

I just seen a music vid by MC LARS lol it was pretty good, about the guitar hero epidemic 😛

If people spent as much time on an actual instrument as they do on that shit, they might actually be able to play something 😛

BUT ANYWAYS. My backs kinda sore today, think I’ll have to exercise a bit more, getting stiffened up.

Speaking of back exercises, my physio is going to take 13 weeks – TO EVEN GET AN APPT. That’ll be like a year after my actual surgery almost! Its pathetic.

I have my career interview tomorrow x] so Im sure that’ll be interesting.

Hope all is well with everyone 😀


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