This war is noise.

Ah, weirdness.
May 30, 2009, 8:35 pm
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Belly left yesterday and I’ve felt weird alot of today. We usually talk everyday almost lol so its pretty strange in my head atm.

My back is bugging me, the social are still screwing with my benefits, but on the up side, I took some pretty pictures of outside, and of bonnie :]

Watched Black Blood Brothers last night :] was super good.

Jiro is too cool ^.^

Ashes To Ashes – Faith No More, if you dont know the song, go find it and download it, been obsessed with it for a couple of days.

Playing alot of Loco Roco 2, since we finished the first one…and the second one is alot more fun xP

Think thats about it for now, hope all is well :]

Another good day. :]
May 28, 2009, 12:05 am
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…At least for me lol.

Dad went properly crazy last night/yesterday morning, was around 2-3am, and my brother walked into the hallway downstairs and dad was standing there, trousers round his ankles, staring at the bin, so he went and woke mum up quickly and she asked him wtf he was doing lol as you would, and he said he couldnt find the toilet lol so he got him to it and he just stood there. So she went to pull them back up, as he cant properly bend over and such, and he kept pulling them back down to the point where mum lost the cool completely and threatened to clock him lol.

So eventually she got him sat down, then half dozed off, woke back up again and he’d disappeared into the kitchen again, and mum went in and he was standing there with no clothes on lol just looking round him. So mum was like WTF ARE YOU DOING, PUT SOME CLOTHES ON, and he said TAKE THEM OFF, and she goes YOU HAVE DONE ALREADY lol so she got him a change of clothes and got him dressed again lol and then had to deal with him wanting to go back and forth to the toilet all the time for no reason, he just stood there lol.

She went to the doctors today, and a doctor that specialises in his kind of dementia [korsakoff’s psychosis] is going to evaluate him tomorrow. And then see where things go from there lol.

I had a good sleep, did some exercises, talked to peoples, listened to good music, got posters well started, had a bath and a shower x] and although i have a bit of pain, Im feeling good :]

Hope all is well :]

Good music, good mood.
May 27, 2009, 1:43 am
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So today, got a few things done.

Avon sorted, new music downloaded, made my brother breakfast, finally played some more LOD, updated both mine and my brothers mp3, tidied a bit anddd did my exercises ^.^

Im in a really good mood and have been singing and dancing around lol.


A little pinch of reality.
May 26, 2009, 1:26 am
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People are going to say what they want,

Act how or do what they want,

And are going to generally be what they want.

And you can either let that get to you, continuously, however their words or actions may affect you personally.

Or you can take what you need to from it. What is most obvious or plausible, and go with it.

Just take care of yourself.

And I think Im finally going to do that.

4 weeks just isnt on Im afraid.

Im a human being, with thoughts and feelings, someone you claimed to care about.

More than anyone else at one stage.

4 weeks without one word or attempt.

Have to start looking after me first.

Although it hasnt been really badly affecting me for the last two weeks or so, it has been a negative thing.

People treating other people like they can just be picked up and put down, whenever is convenient, is such a bad way to conduct a friendship or even a relationship with anyone.

I mean is it something to do with the situation, or the person, or do you really just not care.

Just dont care enough to put the effort in.

Im not going to blame myself. Cos I know I gave things more, and I mean more, than a fair shot.

What you do is entirely up to yourself, yes.

Consideration always helps though.

Im certainly not going to let it make me think less of myself.

Be the change you want to see.

Always a little more ridiculous.
May 24, 2009, 2:29 am
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Another stupid letter I could’ve done without to further confuse the situation.

My back and neck are giving me bother.

I feel ill.

Not so great right now 😐

My moods remaining alright atm though :]

3 weeks and 5 days, still nothing.

Have no clue whats going on, all I know is its seemingly not computer issues.

So maybe hes finally given up on me and decided its easier to just cut me out than even grace me with knowing where I stand.

Either way, Im not letting it get to me.

I’ll get better first and then think about how I feel.

Week til Belly goes, nerrr. Lol I kinda miss him if I dont talk to him for a day or two, this is gonna totally fail for awhile until I get used to letters.

Hope everyone has a good Sunday :]

I feel like getting wasted in Murder City myself.

Little more forgiving in this one xP
May 22, 2009, 7:30 pm
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Im stil having bother with the social but it’ll hopefully all be sorted by next week.

Or I might wanna kick someone lol.

I got Green Days new album today, I do like, there are some songs that stand out, where I could place some of the others easily in with the type of stuff on American Idiot.

But yeah ^.^ Before The Labotomy is the one I have on repeat at present 😛

Havnt heard from Nathan in over 3 weeks, have no idea whats going on.

His friend added me the other day, strangely lol and I asked him if Nathan was alright, havnt had a reply, so its obv a conspiracy lol.

Got Loco Roco 1&2 and God Of War for psp [me and my brother are sharing Loco brother just has God Of War lol] and they’re good so far, I def prefer 2 to 1 though.

I went shopping, that went grand. Cancelled my driving lesson yesterday, dont have money to be flitting it with a bad instructor lol.

Its like 9 days til Belly leaves D: getting too close now lol. Before it becomes a very real absence, I’ll hopefully get to talk to him as much as possible before we resort to letters lol. I bet to kids now, letters are like as stoneage as cave paintings lol. Or pigeon carrier mail. Which is insane to me, since I grew up with just letters and phones, strange how the world goes huh 😛

My back is giving me a little bother today but nothing major, so I’ll need to get back to regular exercises again.

My new laptop adapter came too thankfully, before the old one cut out on me completely lol.

Thats about it for now, no clue on the weekend thus far.

Hope everyone is well :]

And Im back.
May 20, 2009, 11:11 am
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I realise that I havnt posted in awhile, I needed to escape from it a bit.

But I certainly have reason for it at present, cos Im fuming.

Absolutely fucking fuming.

The Social Security, people dealing with everyones money, have no fucking clue what they’re doing.

At all.

I havnt got my benefits in 3 weeks cos of form fuck ups and what not, but this one really takes the utter biscuit.

I have letters of proof that say I have medical evidence up to, at least up to this is, 4/5/09. I have given in one since then, so at present, Im still fucking covered. They have sent me a letter today telling me my benefit has been suspended due to not having medical evidence from 17/4/09.


Im so sick of these people seemingly wanting to screw you over at every fucking turn.

Especially when I have an actual condition.





Yeah, /caps, but really, really people, its got to the point where Im so sick of this, I almost want to tell them to shove it so far up their arse they’ll be picking it out of their teeth, but no.

Cos Im entitled.


So now Im going to have to explain this nonsense to the staff at the surgery, get duplicates or whatever, and then, THEN, go see these stupid fucking bastards. Again.