This war is noise.

Update, yes indeed.
May 8, 2009, 3:40 am
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Its 4:25am and Im still awake lol.

Not going shopping in the morning apparently so I’ve just seemed to stay up, and think alot.

Then I watched Let The Right One In.

Vampire film, def up there with Interview With A Vampire.

Stunning film, and really heartwrenching.

Like nothing the little girl does as a vampire, ever seems half as bad as the bullying that poor little boy gets.

And it ends on a sort of romantic but at the same time tragic note, as anyone who has seen it/will see it, will get once they watch it through.

I watched the original version subtitled, someone has it all up on youtube thankfully x]

Was made/shot in stockholm in 1982.

I would seriously recommend it, if you can handle subs, which to be honest, anyone with half a brain can, so stop complaining 😛 😛

Havnt heard from Nathan in a week and two days..and I have no idea why.

I’ve caught up with Belly a few times now though :] which has been good. Not long til he leaves, which fails D:

I got talking to Mich today ^.^ and had my driving lesson, which went alright, stalled quite a few times lol cos he actually decided to let me control the damn car for once. -so cant wait to change-

Got my new headphones too and those are grand :]

Starting to get a bit more tired now so hopefully I’ll actually sleep! Been feeling ill and a little down off and on today, so hopefully after I sleep it’ll pass.

Hope everyone is well :]

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