This war is noise.

A little pinch of reality.
May 26, 2009, 1:26 am
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People are going to say what they want,

Act how or do what they want,

And are going to generally be what they want.

And you can either let that get to you, continuously, however their words or actions may affect you personally.

Or you can take what you need to from it. What is most obvious or plausible, and go with it.

Just take care of yourself.

And I think Im finally going to do that.

4 weeks just isnt on Im afraid.

Im a human being, with thoughts and feelings, someone you claimed to care about.

More than anyone else at one stage.

4 weeks without one word or attempt.

Have to start looking after me first.

Although it hasnt been really badly affecting me for the last two weeks or so, it has been a negative thing.

People treating other people like they can just be picked up and put down, whenever is convenient, is such a bad way to conduct a friendship or even a relationship with anyone.

I mean is it something to do with the situation, or the person, or do you really just not care.

Just dont care enough to put the effort in.

Im not going to blame myself. Cos I know I gave things more, and I mean more, than a fair shot.

What you do is entirely up to yourself, yes.

Consideration always helps though.

Im certainly not going to let it make me think less of myself.

Be the change you want to see.


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