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Another good day. :]
May 28, 2009, 12:05 am
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…At least for me lol.

Dad went properly crazy last night/yesterday morning, was around 2-3am, and my brother walked into the hallway downstairs and dad was standing there, trousers round his ankles, staring at the bin, so he went and woke mum up quickly and she asked him wtf he was doing lol as you would, and he said he couldnt find the toilet lol so he got him to it and he just stood there. So she went to pull them back up, as he cant properly bend over and such, and he kept pulling them back down to the point where mum lost the cool completely and threatened to clock him lol.

So eventually she got him sat down, then half dozed off, woke back up again and he’d disappeared into the kitchen again, and mum went in and he was standing there with no clothes on lol just looking round him. So mum was like WTF ARE YOU DOING, PUT SOME CLOTHES ON, and he said TAKE THEM OFF, and she goes YOU HAVE DONE ALREADY lol so she got him a change of clothes and got him dressed again lol and then had to deal with him wanting to go back and forth to the toilet all the time for no reason, he just stood there lol.

She went to the doctors today, and a doctor that specialises in his kind of dementia [korsakoff’s psychosis] is going to evaluate him tomorrow. And then see where things go from there lol.

I had a good sleep, did some exercises, talked to peoples, listened to good music, got posters well started, had a bath and a shower x] and although i have a bit of pain, Im feeling good :]

Hope all is well :]


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