This war is noise.

First post of this month?! Oops.
June 5, 2009, 1:47 am
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I have my reasons though x]

I’ve been ill on and off alot lately and I havnt felt much like typing stuff out.

Belly is back, got denied on a medical thing and has to wait 4-6 months before trying again. Which Im in two moods about lol. Im happy that he’ll be around longer, but also feel bad for him cos I know he really wanted it.

And I know hes gonna work hard to get there. It was pretty much a shock when he texted me to tell me he was going back home, cos I knew he’d passed his fitness tests and all before. He was pretty angry about the whole thing too. I was already starting to plan out my first letter xP

I dont think you actually know how much you’re going to miss a person until you think you’re not going to hear from them for a long time, and you’re aware of the fact before they go, and you have to say bye.

Cos I went all weird. Really weird.

Lol Belly reads this so hes so going to ask me, but meh, I can only tell the truth x]

I have continuous problems over my benefits, havnt had a driving lesson in a couple of weeks due to it. I have to appeal their decision, and got a letter the other day to tell me they were preparing my documents, and I may have to wait 35 working days for them to even prepare the damn thing, then get a date to go to the hearing [i.e. go before a panel of a couple of people, possibly in the social security office] and do whatever Im supposed to there.

Im going to be visiting the dole tomorrow and asking how these things are done, prepare myself and stuff.

I mean, they wont even take the word of doctors these days, system is fucked.

I was meant to be asleep 2 hrs ago or so -.- lol shopping in the morning.

Ah well, Im only starting to get tired now.

My backs been giving me bother, and I’ve been having some trouble sleeping.

Plus I had bother with my pills I used to take for my back, they now hate me and kill my stomach, so I’ve had to take the painkillers that I used to take for my gallstone pains. Lol such a bloody bother to get some relief.

My brother got InFamous today and its pretty decent ^.^

And my last 2 new bras came too, win for that! Lol.

Hope all is well with everyone :]

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