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Today failed.
June 22, 2009, 4:01 am
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As a first note, I would like to say – fuck father’s day.

Not because of what it stands for, or how its been commercialised or anything else like that.

Just simply, fuck it.

Its possibly the most, if not at least in the top 3, awkward day/s of the year.

The main reason being me and my brother have to pretend that he deserves to get anything from us, and then give him something.

This year it was a CD and a card. The CD was an Elvis greatest hits one, since he’d been complaining to mum for a couple of weeks for one, so me and my brother went to the shops. I picked out the card, also picked out the cd, paid half, I wrap the damn thing, I write out everything bar my brothers actual name, and then I gave it to my brother to give to him, as I just cant fake that shit lol.

He was sitting with some stupid smug look on his face so my brother said to him “well you look pretty please with yourself” and my dad replied “yeah, cos Im getting something, where is [myname]’s present”, then my mum and brother both told him it was from the both of us, to which he then said “ohhh no, she doesnt get off that easy” or words to that effect. So I went downstairs, pretty set in my mind that if he said one word about it, I would simply say if he believed I’d had no part in it, then fair enough, I will have no part in his gifts from now on. And thats a promise he’d be able to count on. But he said nothing. Such a coward of a bitch, as usual.

I then had everyone asking me why I was in a bad mood, or just telling me that I was in one, purely because I was quiet. Which was due to the fact that I was just tired, and no one had bothered with me for the first 3 hours I was awake, so I didnt feel the need to try and talk to them. And their asking and telling me then did put me in a bad mood.

I went back upstairs and some more bitching began, mum asking my brother if I was getting in the shower cos of the time, and we had to take the dog out, him saying hes not my keeper, and that Im being lazy [which I wasnt] and dad saying to go on the walk without me, “fuck her”. So my brother came upstairs to ask me and his tone soon changed as he walked up the stairs and realised I’d been listening. The “oh fuck we’ve been caught out bitching so I better act awkwardly nice” tone came out.

The title father is for those that earn it. Respect is earned, not granted.

And if you fuck up your kids, dont expect them to be there when you come crashing down.

Cos you wont deserve it. And they wont be.

To all the good dads, thanks for being different? Lol. And doing what a father really should do.

I know such men exist, as my Grandfather [on my mothers side, go figure]  is one.

And to anyone who had an equally shit day, console yourself in the fact that no one is immortal. You will not have to go through this forever. There will be life after this person has left your life. You will be free.


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