This war is noise.

Its far too warm to sleep.
June 24, 2009, 2:39 am
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“Why does my memory of you never fade?”

“Why do you ask me? I am what you remember, and therefore clearly cannot answer.”

“The stone…and how you just took the consequences, unflinching.”

“I knew I’d gone too far.”

“The way you looked into my eyes that day.”

“I saw in you what I continued to, until the day you finally sent me off for good.”

“I wish I never had.”

“Maybe that is why I never fade.”

“I took it for bullying..torture..”

“Both our maturity and emotional speed were overestimated within ourselves at the time.”

“Still though, not entirely overestimated.”


“I had fe-“

“Dont. If you say that you will conjure what you’d like to hear, and you’ll never say what you want to say.”

“I didnt know how to care at the time.”

“Im sure I’ve figured that out by now.”

“If you were you…weird thing to ask…would you listen to me now?”

“I’d like to think so. I certainly cared.”

“I know. I seen it on your face.”

“Its surprising the reaction you can muster on anothers face with one word and a bad intention behind it.”

“That day still replays in my head.”

“As do I.”

“What should I do?”

“I honestly dont know, it has been so long, and you’ve changed…alot. You’ve destroyed yourself.”

“Im only twenty.”

“You’ve been suffering from ten. I remember back then too, the conkers…that one summer where random gatherings occured. That bus journey, that break up.”

“I hope I didnt speak out of turn.”

“Who knows if you did? I am only what you remember.”

“I suppose so. And those rumours..”

“I’d like to think those were untrue…she was disgusting.”

“I know, now more so than then.”

“The accident washed such things away.”


“You need help.”

“I dream of you still.”

“I know. You are now.”

“I’m what?”


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