This war is noise.

Posting regularly?!
June 24, 2009, 1:02 pm
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Yeah I know, who’d have thought 😛

Guess I just feel like typing again.

Feel like telling people the nonsense than seems to run my life 😛

Had a bit of a freak out yesterday. Shouted at mum, went upstairs, put music on as loud as I fancied, started aggressively tidying, changed my bedsheets, then hoovered [or vacuumed if you arent familiar with that lol] and was ramming that into the walls and stuff, singing obnoxiously as I went. When I was spoken to, going back and forth from downstairs, I was pretty much a bitch lol. Felt fucking WONDERFUL lol.

Im sick of being made to feel like I dont matter in this house.

I was sat there, listening to music, dad decided he wanted to sit outside, so he said to mum, put my music on, so while I was sitting watching/listening to it on tv, she just put it on, not a word or a thought. So I of course decided fuck that, and plainly said “I love how Im sitting here trying to listen to music and you just put that on, like I dont fucking exist or something” to which she said “Well he told me to put it on, what am I supposed to do?” “oh aye, and hes the only one that matters in the house, fuck everyone else?” to which she just looked at me.

Its amazing what tips the scale 😛

I have some phonecalls to make today, since I didnt yesterday and I was too tired and clearly not in the mood lol.

The suns out, weathers nice.

Shame about the hayfever hm -.- lol.


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