This war is noise.

Lol this made me laugh x]
July 22, 2009, 10:57 am
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P.s. where did the new freaky emoticons go?! As quick as I seen them, they have left again ;o.

Holy effing new post!?
July 18, 2009, 2:03 am
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Long time coming, I know right?

And what happened the emoticons? Lol.

Wtf is 😛 ?

Ze world has gone maddddd.

Ok so in being away so long you’d imagine I have plenty to rant about.

And I guess I do.


If you know what that is, win for you :]

If you dont –


Watched some great animes lately, almost finished my book, had the most unhelpful bitch see me when I went for physio, went and had blood taken.

Its Nathans birthday, and we’re talking regularly now, which is plenty better than the two months spent in total confusion.

I watched mean girls the other night and it still makes me laugh.


Charlotte is coming to visit in august, yayyyy.

I still dont have a clue what Im doing with my life. But apparently it points to clerical work.

Im doing physio/exercises again.

I’ve had a major sugar craving lately, not so good lol.

My dog has lost a ton of weight on her new diet, and I know the vet will be pleased for sure with her progress.

Her joints arent even giving her bother anymore ^.^

I’ve been given sleeping tablets and havnt actually taken any yet. Yeah I know, for some reason they just worry me and I’ve put it off lol.

Huge cappuccinos are awesome.

Abel Nightroad is awesome.

I seriously want a Paopu fruit lol major bad.

They’re too cool.