This war is noise.

I need to post more, I know.
August 8, 2009, 10:29 pm
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And I shall cos my memory hasnt been quite what it used to be lately lol.

I blame the two years on pain medication. :]

Lol anywayyys. New stuff with me.

I got a Nintendo DS! Its blue, and lovely, and I ❤ it. I got brain training with it, then got the 100 classics book collection for it. Cos Im a nerd like that 8)

Charlotte is coming to stay in two days 😀

I’ve ordered Let The Right One In on dvd, soooo cant wait to watch it again, I watched it so many times on youtube before copyrights took it down D:

I made myself Paopu fruit. I know. 😀 Im so proud lol I made a bigger one for Charlotte when she gets here, and my first, the smaller one, is mine x]

I’ll be making plenty more though :]

I ❤ them.

I’ll also be getting the KH ds games 😛 aswell as FF now too :D!

And Dissidia is coming out soon.

And my brother ordered the anime Akira 😀 cant wait to watch that.

Blazblue is a great game :D! We got it on import like 3 months before it was meant to be released here x]!

And I can actually pull off big moves. ME. BIG MOVES. Lol.

We got Fern Gully on dvd xD! And 2, which I didnt even know there was :S

Im in a good mood, though I feel really ill lol.

Mums been killing ants all day.

Dads totally crackers.

Bonnie has lost half her target weightloss already :D! So proud.

And we’re still taking her on her hour+ long walk everyday.

I’ve got some tidying done but I’ll have to do the proper tidying tomorrow I guess, before this woman appears 😛

And I’ll definitely be posting more. :]