This war is noise.

Its been over a month.
September 15, 2009, 11:33 pm
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I’ve realised when I dont blog, I let alot of stuff build up in my head instead of just getting it out, so thats what Im going to do now x]

Im always learning and right now I’ve had a few hard lessons I guess.

Im really not going to get the ending I thought I was to the last year and a half, but I’ve come to terms with that, and Im actually pretty ok.

New people are not necessarily new perspectives.

There is still a part of me I keep pretty much almost entirely to myself. Which I maybe shouldnt?

I’ve had one physio session so far, and it hurt quite a bit lol so I dunno how my back will take it again this time, on thursday.

Avons done. Helped my brother finish Silent Hill 1 and 2, and now starting 3.

Rune Factory: Harvest Moon for DS is way addictive.

I need some form of direction before I end up completely cracking. Where this direction comes from, Im not entirely sure yet.

Social Security system is failing hardcore with regards to me right now.

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze, if anyone will miss you, my mum certainly will lol.

Still keeping active.

I need to get into a routine.

Hope all is well :]


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