This war is noise.

March on.
October 5, 2009, 9:58 pm
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Life is so full of ups and downs.

Sometimes you just cant cope.

Then the next thing you could be at your cousins wedding party getting really drunk, with a purple fringe.

Lol I know, what is my life even doing!?

I was strangely rather able to maintain a good mood lol and be pretty normal with everyone.

I got the avon done today, which is good ^.^ got my first christmas decoration aswell. Its a snow covered mountain with penguins, snowmen and a polar bear skiing/dancing, and lights up, and plays 8 different christmas carols, and has a quiet mode too. Oh and a christmas countdown timer thing aswell. ^.^

I also got a rudolf mug, and when you fill it with a hot drink, its black nose turns red x] came with a spoon too.

Getting rather festive early, I know lol. But halloween really has never meant that much to me so Im already looking forward to December x] and to think after that, I’ll be 21 o_o lol.

Im starting to think about writing music again. I feel randomly inspired.

I also need to be dead on strict about losing weight again, cos I’ve been letting slip and I think I’ve put just a little back on. Def something I can recover from with being generally sensible lol.

I also need to get some winter clothes.

And I bought my first pair of tights since I was 10 lmao. Was rather interesting since I had >no< idea what I needed.

Last session of physio this week. Will certainly be asking to be referred for more.

Dad came back from a 3 week break at the care home for us lol. He attempted to ask me and my brother if we missed him lol dont ask questions you dont want answers to is what I say. He asked was bonnie looking for him, and she really wasnt. Which was odd to say but I actually did, said she was more concerned about getting the sofa, which she actually was lol.

Hope everyone is well :]


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