This war is noise.

Update of sorts.
October 18, 2009, 9:25 pm
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Lately, I’ve been reading Angel Sanctuary Manga, Im on book 6, out of 20 lol I do love it though, I’ve currently got 12 of the books 😛

Still addicted to Rune Factory Harvest Moon x] and started watching Trigun the anime too.

Dissidia annoyed me, so I’ve been avoiding it a bit >.> lol.

I finally got to talk to Belly online again ;D was nice.

Im generally frustrated with life. Im getting pains again, hearing from literally no one most days, kinda sucks.

Although it hasnt been bothering me as much cos I’ve had plenty to distract me, its still there.

As far as things with him, I dont know lol.

I hate today. I hate feeling ill, I hate feeling alone, and thats exactly what today is.

Whats worse is, no one cares about either, and I wish someone did.

I dont want to be by myself.

I always am, and I dont want to be.



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