This war is noise.

I hate it.
November 8, 2009, 1:21 pm
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I hate how in this world we are made to feel like we’re not good enough, constantly struggling to impersonate this vision that is simply not real…that we know isnt on the most basic logical level, but we still do. And we hate that we’re not it.

I hate that its perfectly fine for people to exist and no one to care about them. I hate the fact people can easily forget people that come into their lives. That they dont appreciate anyone truly, unless maybe if they’re already gone.

I hate that good and honest people have hard times, when wretched people seem to have it easy.

I hate that Im too different. That I got ill at an important time socially in my life. That almost everyone has easily forgotten me. That most people I talked to online when I was ill lied. That I feel trapped, ill, sore, and alone, alot of the time. That Im happier when Im reading or asleep. That I dont really have much of a life. And that I dont feel I can complain about it.

I hate that Im not okay. And I hate that no one cares that Im not.


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