This war is noise.

Feeling a bit better.
November 11, 2009, 7:04 am
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So the ride on the rollercoaster is on a bit of a rise?

I dont know.

I do feel better though, I talked with Vanessa about how I felt and how my cousin had taken it, and she seen things a totally different way, and was supportive, and Im so glad.

I actually talked to Nathan about it too, and he was really supportive too.

I had physio yesterday, it wasnt as sore this time thankfully.

Avon is done.

Sleeping is almost normal.

The draft coming from my window needs to die.

I still reeeeeeeeeeally need to clean lol once I get started I’ll be fine, its just the getting started, cos once I do, I’ll go OCD on the matter.

New laptop on saturday :]!

I’ve finally decided to get some eyeshadow primer potion. Urban Decay apparently being the best, gonna get some of that.

Face effort and all that.

Exercise and physio = must do more of.

I lovelovelove Angel Sanctuary!

Click a squiby? :]


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