This war is noise.

The life of ills.
December 1, 2009, 2:20 am
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So I’ve had a bad couple of days lol getting steadily more ill and seeming to do more despite it.

Christmas decorations and shopping, both done.

Finally got some pictures of the swans around here.

Avon I got done today, and Im putting the order away tomorrow.

Dissidia is mocking me by unlocking another chapter in story mode after I finally got through Gabranth’s x_x lol.

Mighty Boosh calendar for 2010 also :D!

Squiby addiction is still in full swing I think.

Harvest moon progression has also happened, though I got the pass to a cave I can only access in winter >:Z [its currently summer in my saving lol.]

Sara is 21 today 😀 so happy birthday to her. I’ll need to text her later. Yes.


Then of course there is the feelings of certain death that I’ve had lol with how ill I was yesterday, jeeze. I could hardly move anything at all.

Reminds me I need to take my pills sharpish.

I had unexpected conversations also, seems I have an admirer. Lol ah jeeze.

Anyways, only 25 days to christmas! 😀

Hope all is well :]


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