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A girl gets annoyed.
December 10, 2009, 6:40 am
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So with my usual bouts of whatthefuckery, I got a letter today saying that in no uncertain terms was I to miss this appointment that the social have arranged for me to be assessed in relation to my benefit, by whatever doctor they’ll have got to do it. I can request to have a same sex doctor and stuff, which I will be doing, cos male doctors…no lol. Male surgeons, sure lol like my spine doctor did an excellent job, wouldnt have had anyone else do it, just, for like, as a GP, had bad experiences with male ones, all Im saying.


So I have to go to this thing next thursday at 10:40am, in the city. Which is an hour away, I have to come up with transport, they give you a thing to request public transport, but theres no way Im doing that, esp with how ill I’ve been lately, last thing I need is an hour in a bus, to be left off streets away from where I need to be, and, eugh, not even going there lol.

The longest it’d last would be around an hour, and they give you what you’d need to bring with you, and things to think about and a map and all this stuff, so you basically have no excuse not to go lol and I know they have them as strict and harsh as they do, because of this only being brought in last year and people who had been on benefits a long time would just be like fuck it, not bothering.

But this really puts down the people who are genuinely ill and need help. I mean people claiming falsely have far less hassle than those of us who are honest and genuinely need help.

I mean I’ve been ill since I was 17. I’ve had to drop out of A level, twice, I’ve had two operations, one extremely major, I’ve had all kinds of physios and tests, xrays, MRI’s, ultrasounds. I’ve been on so many different medications.

I’ve had very little to no social life, I mean, this is not the way anyone my age would want to be spending their time.

And yet, you constantly have to battle to prove that you are what you say you are.

Even when for anyone half decent or intelligent, the blatant evidence speaks for itself.

In any case, that’ll be something I have to deal with next week. Week from today in fact.

Apart from that hiccup, I actually had a pretty decent day, even had the house to myself as mum went and got her hair done and had to take crazy dad with her lol.

Had some music channels time 😀

Hope all is well :]


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