This war is noise.

Im so over this.
January 13, 2010, 9:21 am
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Arguments and uncertainty can just go away.

Avoid me for a day, go for it.

I honestly had a less stressful day because of it.

I feel blah, but not in an entirely negative way.

Just in a cant be bothered way lol.

Social is sorted, at least for now.

I swear if I get anymore bother from this shit -.- lol.

Internet failing for 2 hours on sunday rather bugged me, I think the actual provider or whatever was the problem, so no amount of resetting, which I did lol alot of, and my back hated me for it, would change anything. I watched Dumbo though while I was, and it made me feel a bit better x]

I then argued with a certain person, which carried on on monday, and left us not talking yesterday lol. Whatever.

I dont need this.

Its so much better to deal with yourself first.

I’ve been listening to Morrissey. ❤

“Everyday is liiike Sunday, everyday is silent and grey.”

Think I post the lyrics of that one, cos I’ve rather taken to it.

Think Im going to tidy and bake today, lol housewife 101 there.

Eugh lol.

Had to avoid my aunts yesterday too, which wasnt too hard for me, more so for my brother though since they went and called him down, when hes got the flu and was in the shower lol purely to see his hair.


Esp Mum even allowing that situation to occur.

I have one side of the family as my family as far as Im concered.

Also finally took some newer pictures of myself.

First of being 21 years old.

I actually dont look so bad lol.

Anyways, enough of this semirant lol.

Hope all is well :]


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