This war is noise.

Said the people.
February 27, 2010, 3:09 am
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I’ve been starin’, I’ve been starin’ into space
Always tired, not a smile, such a waste
I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna know
I can’t tell you, I just have to go

Of all the people, of all the people to let me down
Of all the people, of all the people, why now
Save me, save me
Save me, save me

Bring me something, bring me something I can use
Well here’s one thing, but it’s not the one I choose
I can’t help it, hope you show up soon
I can’t help it, I’m countin’ on you

Of all the people, of all the people to let me down
Of all the people, of all the people, why now
Save me, save me
Save me, save me

Can you tell me, can you tell me what went wrong
Guess I shoulda seen it comin’ all along
Gotta fight it, I gotta be strong
Gotta be something, can’t let it drag on and on

Of all the people, of all the people to let me down
Of all the people, of all the people, why now
Save me, save me
Save me, save me

Im gonna make sure I write more.
February 23, 2010, 8:42 pm
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I got my letter sent on friday, so hopefully I’ll hear better news from the social, dunno though. I’ll appeal if I dont so whatever.

Nanny fell on saturday.

We were in tesco and I’d finished packing her stuff, so she lifted it and went out to the car, me and mum were still packing ours, and then Tina came in and told us she’d fallen. Tina had called in to see if we were still at the shops, cos we usually are around that time, to give my grandparents a couple things, and there was a plastic bag on the ground, and she slipped on it and fell, carrying the things so she didnt have the hands to save herself.

She cut her head and her hands.

Thankfully Tina was able to bring her to casualty. We finished shopping, and I went up to my grandparents, to help granda with things, putting stuff away, made sure he had his lunch, did the dishes and stuff, even though it hurt me to do it, I wanted to help. Then I stayed with him til nanny came home. 5 stitches in her head, 1 in her knuckle in one hand, and 22 in the back of her other hand. Which she isnt allowed to move for 2 weeks now. Cos her skin is so thin, they wanna make sure it knits and heals properly. She totally messed her glasses too, so she’ll need to get new frames etc.

When I went and visited my aunt, before getting in the car, I saw him…it was really strange.

I’ve been talking to Nathan plenty, even with his computer dying on him, yay for psp lol.

Im also beginning to see the hope I’ve been waiting out on. Which is good :]

There are still alot of things to deal with first though, and I know that.

Im not letting my hopes get carried away.

In other news, dads going in to the home soon 😀 in the same week alice in wonderland is starting being shown in the cinemas :D! So we’re totally going to go see it.

Final Fantasy 13 soon too :D!

Im in a weird mood atm.

Hope all is well :]

I adore this xD

I love Kingdom Hearts and I love this song 😀 and that dance xD

Oh how nerds are great lol.
February 9, 2010, 8:40 am
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“My pokemon bring all the nerds to the yard,

And they’re like, wanna trade cards?

Damn right, I wanna trade cards,

I’ll trade this, but not my charizard!”


For anyone needing a laugh. x]
February 2, 2010, 9:41 am
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I promise you’ll love it lol I laughed so bad. x]

By April, you had stayed.
February 2, 2010, 6:46 am
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Headache anyone? Lol.

I feel really ill, sleeping really weird, social is a joke, as are men lol.

Why botherrr x]

Harvest moon and Legend of Dragoon going well.

Went down the street yesterday for the first time in awhile.

Seen some neighbours, weirdly seen Mrs.Connor, an old lady that used to live next door to us, she asked me if I was back to school x] dear me, she couldnt believe I was 21 lol.

Cold is slowly but surely shifting.

Think I need more sleep lol.

Hope all is well :]