This war is noise.

Up and down.
March 7, 2010, 2:52 am
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I’ve had a decent week this week.

Dads not been here, been barely in my room some days lol.

Moods have been up and down though.

With one thing or another.

Im getting  pretty stressed about money and stuff right now. Considering its been a month and a half since I got any, and we dont have alot right now, its just, I like security, and this isnt it.

Felt ill quite alot. Sleeping has been pretty messed.

Been talking to Nathan alot still, but dealing with alot of up and down stuff there too.

Alice in wonderland hopefully tomorrow, was supposed to today but I didnt sleep til 7am, and woke up around 4pm lol so that wasnt gonna happen.

Been in touch with two of my friends again irl, which is nice :]

Been practising makeup weirdly lol took the notion for it.

Dad is unfortunately coming home tomorrow, which I think has dampened my mood today.

My brothers got mum into Deathnote randomly lol which is cool.

Cat Coinbank = ❤

Final Fantasy 13 sooon 😀

Hope all is well :]


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