This war is noise.

Whats this? Regular posting?
March 11, 2010, 6:13 am
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Guess I’ve finally got back into my typing random shit out groove lol.

Moving pretty well with FF13, adore it.

Used almond oil in my hair last night, try and resuscitate it lol.

Had some good news, they’re finally seriously considering building a room on for dad, so we dont have to avoid downstairs anymore if it goes ahead lol and we’re getting more help with rent and stuff too, which is a relief.

Havnt heard anything about my social inquiry yet, thinking of just visiting the office and asking.

Still no word on my back appointments either, going back to visit the doctor again. Im sure she’ll be getting sick of me lol.

Soon have this scan on my stomach though, see what is actually going on with it lol.

Was Michelles birthday yesterday, 21 like me now, ah we’re all getting on lol.

I wanna go to her do on sat but not sure I can, still havnt heard back from Sara bout it.

Well anyways, thats pretty much the latest.

Oh and Bonnies head is alright :] she just got an infected cut, but we did the right thing in taking her to the vet, cos you dont like finding unusual lumps on animals, esp when they’re getting older lol and Bo is 8 1/2 :] now we just have to make sure she takes her medication lol which was funny cos she was putting it under her tongue and everything like kids/teenagers would do lol. Far too clever, you can tell though, she has the guiltiest look on her face lol.

Hope all is well :]


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