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Bad start to the project? lol.
March 20, 2010, 11:21 am
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Okay, a major summary of updates time.

Excuse for the 2 day pause? Here it comes.

I’ve been pretty stressed, kinda angry, frustrated, alot of things basically came at me at once and I had an excuse to escape this time.

Dads in hospital. So I get to be downstairs, see tv, talk to mum more, generally get out of my room.

So yes, lets start this off.

Tuesday, March 16th, ultrasound, was really quick, bout 5 mins waiting, then 5 mins doing the scan. Met a secretary from school there too and had a mini random catch up lol was strange.

Then later that day, the doctor sees dad, and he is sent to hospital cos if he doesnt go, he’ll drown in his own fluids basically.

On the wednesday, St.Patricks Day, Sara came to unexpectedly visit and we went out to the park in town, where some giant c/o was taking place lol it eventually got pretty old quick though, since everyone was so off their face and it was freezing, so we left, and she was going to go out in the city later anyways.

Thursday I finally got to talk to Nathan, twice, which was good in a way, really frustrating in another, but it ended well x] so its fine lol.

Had alot of rage at that point though at different things.

Friday, first was my doctors appointment. 40 mins standing waiting, since I wasnt going to sit this time lol before I even got to see her. Shes putting it down as urgent now as its been near 5 months since she referred me and its getting ridiculous. Also gave me some pills I’ve had before to help mood, sleep and some of the pains. Finally, theres now a place available for counselling, and shes going to refer me.

I then had the shopping, and decided to go into the social security office, since I seen the helpful woman was on, but when it came to my turn, because of the line, another person happened to take me, I explained the situation and she basically just put me on the phone and told me to just tell them what I’d told her, and so I did, told them I hadnt received anything since 12th Jan, they let me know on the 22nd, I sent them a letter within the month limit to have the decision looked at, and basically, hadnt even been looked at, and I sent that on the 19th feb, so it was literally a month ago, and nothing had been done. Basically he said my best bet was to appeal it. So after almost freaking out lol we left and did the rest of the shopping down the street, got to tesco and my nanny took a turn, had to go home, so we then had to carry stuff from before, and at this point my back was giving me alot of trouble, and I was in such a bad mood, cos we basically couldnt go to the other place we do and we’d have to get a taxi home instead. Even though I did understand the situation, it was just so frustrating with how the day had gone already.

So we get home lol I’ve had plenty of time for music and ff13 and such. On chapter 9 of it now 😀

My brother also got Dantes Inferno and its interesting too. Currently in Gluttony lol.

Finally got a scrapbook so Im gonna sort all my stuff.

Dads still in the hospital atm so still have plenty of peace x]

Hope all is well :]


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