This war is noise.

Well that went alot better than I’d expected.
March 23, 2010, 10:10 pm
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Today actually pretty much worked out.

Although I felt like hell – and still do lol – I got the help from the citizens advice guy, someone who actually wanted to help.

Mum didnt let me down, thankfully.

Avons sorted.

The form has been sent, and he phoned me when I got home and is sending me a letter to sign and also send just to make them aware of why its later than it would’ve been.

Got to see Nanny :]

Missed Belly unfortunately before he left but hey, he’ll get to read these I guess, if he still does lol when he gets back.

Watched the last ep of this series of Skins, was so good :] gotta love Cook, the feckless rogue lol.

I hope that doctor foster gets what he deserves.

I only ever watched seasons 3&4 so these are the characters Im actually interested in lol.

Freddie being murdered was actually disturbing for me.

Think I felt uncomfortable, just in general, for 3 days afterwards lol.

Its weird how you get invested in these kinds of things.

Dads not acting up, which makes things easier I suppose.

Keep getting Liquid Confidence and Dance or Die stuck in my head randomly today, both great songs.

Hard to believe Charlotte is 19 on thursday.

Need to contact the doctors tomorrow, see if my ultrasound results are back.

The saga continues lol.

Hope all is well :] and look at me keeping regular with the posting now 😛


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