This war is noise.

7 mins late.
March 31, 2010, 11:19 pm
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So now its been over a week, this is the beginning of the 8th day.

Though I wasnt technically online half of today as my laptop decided to update and restart itself, and didnt sign itself in afterwards while I was asleep.

How very rude, huh? 😛

The reality further set in today, seeing the notice in the paper.

Nice to see that this guy is actually being acknowledged.

Also realising no ones really bothered about talking to me, about knowing me or anything I have to say or think.

I feel invalid or void.

But no one cares how I feel either, right.

Im ready to freak out at the smallest things atm.

I feel on edge and stressed constantly.

Like I only actually relax when Im asleep.

Emphasis on when.

Takes me long enough to get to sleep.

People are here to either fuck you up or just fuck you.

Then fuck you up afterwards.

Selfish and unkind.

Why have I ever held out this long?

Why have I ever thought things would get any better?

Why am I still here, even now?

I’ve no idea.



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